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Sunstone Underfloor Loose Wire Heating Kit Tiled Floors inc optional Warmup stat

Sunstone Underfloor Loose Wire Heating Kit Tiled Floors inc optional Warmup stat
Sunstone Underfloor Loose Wire Heating Kit Tiled Floors inc optional Warmup stat
Sunstone Underfloor Loose Wire Heating Kit Tiled Floors inc optional Warmup stat
Sunstone Underfloor Loose Wire Heating Kit Tiled Floors inc optional Warmup stat
Sunstone Underfloor Loose Wire Heating Kit Tiled Floors inc optional Warmup stat
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Sunstone Underfloor loose Wire Heater Kit for Tiled Floors

Sunstone Wire Heater with optional thermostat (you can choose between Sunstone standard programmable, Sunstone touchscreen, Warmup Tempo Stat in white or Black, a touch screen 3ie thermostat in Piano Black, Classic Cream or Silver Grey or the new Warmup 4ie Wi-Fi thermostat in either black or bright porcelain or just have the wire on its own.

For Tiled Floors

Comes with a 10 year Warranty

Just choose the amount you require and the type of thermostat.
If in doubt call us or e.mail us for advice

Sunstone Loose Wire System for Tile & Stone Floors (DWS)

Benefits of SunStone underfloor heating include:

  • Mat and loose wire cable heating systems can be effectively covered by flexible tile adhesive – no need for additional screed
  • Heating systems come with 10 years warranty and CE certification
  • Thermostats come with a 1 year warranty
  • Invisible and maintenance free system
  • Comfort – consistent, gentle warmth
  • High efficiency heating
  • Energy usage is reduced - heat the rooms you want, when you want, with no energy wasted
  • Rapid heat-up and heat retention - subject to good insulation
  • Health benefits – electric underfloor heating reduces humidity, preventing dust mites from surviving while the radiant heat it produces reduces dust circulation – important benefits to those who suffer from allergies and asthma

Thermostat Information

You have a choice of five different types of thermostat they are:


SunStone systems come with a choice of 2 programmable thermostats; a cost-effective standard thermostat and a stylish touchscreen version.

Both thermostats use precise floor and air temperature control to provide you with a simple and efficient way to manage your system, providing comfort and reduced energy costs.


Programmable Tempo thermostat in white or black

tempo™ is a digital programmable thermostat featuring a modern design and intuitive interface. Suitable for all Warmup electric underfloor heating systems, it allows you to program start and end heating times to reach your comfort temperature in a few simple steps. tempo™ can operate on a weekly, 5-2 day or daily basis to match with your needs and requirements.
Better easy-to-use interface & intuitive design
  • Stylish and contemporary design
  • Clear screen displaying program details, room temperature and current time
  • Easy control with dial and sliders
Faster setup takes just minutes to get right the first time
  • In just a few steps, adjust the program settings to suit individual’s needs
  • A mode for every need: manual, automatic and frost protection
  • Comfort temperature can be changed easily at any time
Smarter control of your energy costs
  • Adaptive learning function sets off the temperature required at the good time
  • No waste of energy, heating only when required
  • Perfect control enables saving on energy bills


3iE Programmable Thermostat

Features & Benefits - 3iE Programmable Thermostat
  • first touch-thermostat with a 2” full-colour screen
  • first thermostat with Active Energy Management™
  • easy-to-use user interface - no instructions required
  • works with any Warmup underfloor heating system


  • graphical display of your program makes adjustment quick and easy
  • choose the display type that suits you best; wide choice of screen themes


  • automatically adjusts to changing conditions in your room, your home and even the seasons, to give optimal start-up times - no wasted energy (self-learning Proportional Adaptive Function)

  • exclusive - Active Energy Management™ can save you up to 10% or more on your energy bill
  • real-time graphical display shows you exactly how much energy you are using and when
  • thermostat actively prompts you to choose the best and most efficient temperature for your room for maximum savings
  • super-accurate floor temperature control reduces the costs associated with over and under-heating (no wasted energy)
The Warmup Loose Wire System has been designed so that installation is quick and easy. However, as with all electrical underfloor heating systems, certain procedures must be followed. Ensure you have read all technical specifications and you are happy to fit Warmup Loose Wire Underfloor Heating to your room. To install your Warmup Underfloor Heating system follow these 4 steps. Please note that this is a summary. More detailed instructions can be found in the Loose Wire Installation Manual
Smooth, clean and dry the subfloor surface. Paint the floor with Warmup Primer (you do not need to use primer if installing on an insulated tile back board). The light green colour of the primer will change to a dark green once dry. Avoid traffic once primer is down.
Calculate in square metres the size of the area to be heated. Use the Sizing Guide (found in the back of the Installation Manual) to correctly fit your heating wire into the space provided. Layout the heating wire in parallel lines. Begin at the start point and in U shapes go to the furthest point. Using the wire spacing markings as tape down points, secure the heating wire to the floor with adhesive tape. Once completed, tape down the entire length of the heating wire, positioning the tape centrally over the wire.
Follow the instructions supplied with your thermostat. Your underfloor heating system will not function without a correctly installed thermostat.
Check if the heating wire is fully taped and secured. Grout the floor as soon as possible as per the manufacturers’ instructions. Tile as normal, taking care not to damage or dislodge the heating wire.
  • The heater can be installed without the need for specialist tools or expertise (in accordance with local building code). It is important, however, that the Warmup Thermostat be connected by a qualified electrician.


Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat learns how you use your heating and the unique way your house reacts. It automatically suggests ways for you to save energy, like what temperature you should set for when you’re not home and times you can turn the heating off early.

The smart ways the 4iE finds to heat your home more efficiently could save you up to £200 on the average UK energy bill.

Warmup are independent from the energy suppliers so the 4iE also works in the background to find better energy tariffs for you, which could save you up to £380 in addition to the savings you get from your lower energy usage.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Energy saving advice

    The 4iE finds you lower energy tariffs and smart ways to lower your usage. You can view your energy costs with graphical displays and comparisons

  • Smartphone control

    Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to control your heating online. Smart Overrides™ give quick, intuitive control of your heating. No need to reprogram if your routine changes

  • Learning mode

    You can set the 4iE to learn how you use your heating and it will program itself, adjusting start times based on current temperatures to ensure your home is up to temperature at the right time

  • WarmApps™

    Get apps on your 4iE like traffic alerts and transport delays for your journey. Even upload a photo background to personalise your 4iE


(H/W/D): 90 x 110 x 18mm


Air and floor/ambient (can be extended to 50m)

Installation depth

35 mm back box

IP rating



3 years with Extended Lifetime Warranty available

The 4iE requires 230VAC power at all times
Compatible with electric and hydronic underfloor heating systems up to 16A
Compatible with Combi and System boilers with Switch Live (230VAC) input
For lower voltage, or volt-free systems, a contactor must be used
We are an approved Warmup e.Commerce Partner so have the full backup of Warmup and are able to offer the appropriate warranties

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