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Lithofin WAX1 TC Classic Wax Antique 1Ltr for cotto, terracotta and clay tiles

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Lithofin WAX1 TC Classic Wax Antique 1Ltr

  • Features

    • Antique colour
    • Ready to use
    • Paste form
    • Easy to apply
    • Dries quickly

2nd step of the CLASSIC method: For final treatment of primed surfaces. Forms an easy to polish, wear-resistant wax layer, which helps the patina develop.

Can be used for future touch-up work. The antique colour helps to further develop the traditonal terracotta look.


A special product from the LITHOFIN-Range for

terracotta (TC). This ready-to-use, colourless paste

contains high quality natural and synthetic waxes.


Lithofin TC Classic Wax is easy to apply and distribute.

The product forms a wax layer that can be polished to

produce the typical (traditional) terracotta look.

Technical Data:

Density: approx. 0.8 g/cm³

pH-Value: n.a.

Flash Point: > 23°C

Appearance: yellowish white, pasty

Odour: aromatic

Solubility in Water: not soluble

Field of Use

For final treatment of terracotta floors that have

been pre-treated with Lithofin TC Classic Primer

(please refer to Technical Information 141- / 143-

for further information).

Waxing the surface is the second step of the so called

"classical" method of treating terracotta. The

treatment strengthens the colours and leaves

an elegant sheen. Lithofin TC Classic Wax is also

suitable for touching up waxed surfaces.

The product is not suitable for glazed tiles, highly

absorbent surfaces and outdoor use.

Directions for Use

Stir before use if warmed in water bath. Approx. 60

minutes after applying Lithofin TC Classic Primer,

apply Lithofin TC Classic Wax to the surface with a

sponge, cloth or a nylon pad and work into the

surface. Pre-polish after approx. 10 minutes,

preferably using a polishing machine.

After approx. 60 minutes, the surface has dried

enough for the final polish with a pad or felt or

preferably with a polishing machine. Do not walk on

the surface for 12 hours.

When touching up a used surface, apply thinly

and polish after approx. 10 minutes.

Please Note: on very lightly absorbent surfaces,

a pre-treatment may not be necessary.

Try in an inconspicuous area.

Drying Time: approx. 60 minutes until polishing,

fully cured after 12 hours.

Coverage: approx. 20m² per litre depending on

absorbency, up to 50m² when touching up old


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