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Product Description

Lithofin Resin-Ex 1L

Field of Use

To remove epoxy grout materials and residues. Also

highly suitable for removing organic substances such

as resins, sealants, coatings, oil and grease deposits,

paint (graffiti), lacquer, adhesives, plastic residues,


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

l Stripper Gel


This special remover is based on acidic reaction

compounds supported by select, highly active organic

solvents. In many cases Lithofin Resin-EX can be

used instead of (dangerous and environmentally

harmful) CFC-based cleaning products.


Lithofin Resin-EX penetrates into many organic

substances and dirt deposits, dissolving them from

the surface. The gellike consistence simplifies

the application.

Technical Data:

Density: approx. 1.1 g/cm³

Flash Point: >90°C(c.C.)

pH-Value: approx. 3

Appearance: whitish, dimish, gellike

Odour: slightly pungent

Solubility in Water: emulsifiable

Surfaces: All quarry and ceramic tiles, rough natural

stones such as granite, gneiss, quartzite as well as

concrete and concrete stone.

Directions for Use

Test the product prior to use. Always apply to a dry

surface. Protect surface from wetness during working

time because water represses the effectiveness.

Application-/surface temperature: 10 - 30°C.

The mentioned working times are shorter at higher

temperatures and longer at colder temperatures.

Directions to remove pavement fixing mortar

Generously apply to the dry surface using a brush or

a scrubber. Allow to work for approx. 30 min. at room

temp. of about 20°C. Then add water (best if diluted

1:10 with Lithofin MN Power-Clean) and brush.

Afterwards, rinse and brush. Always brush diagonally

to grouts. Rinse surface again with water.

In case of any leftovers, repeat when surface is dry.

Coverage: up to approx. 5 m²/L, depending on dirt.

Directions to remove epoxy resin (2K) mortar

Generously apply to the dry surface using a brush o

a roller. Allow to work for approx. 2 hrs at about 20°C.

Then use a rough pad (ex. green pad for glazed tiles)

to work through. Add water and continue to scrub.

Remove excess fluid and rinse with water


Coverage: up to approx. 20 m²/L on glazed tiles.


Cool and closed, shelf life of up to two years.

Environmental Protection

Free of chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC). Contains

organic solvents. WGK 1 after VwVwS from 17.5.99.

Disposal: AVV-Key 070604*. Dispose leftovers

properly. Containers are made of environmentally

friendly polyethylene (PE) and recyclable.

Clean containers can be recycled through collection

systems (see product label).


As with all chemical products, avoid prolonged contact

with skin or wear suitable protective gloves.

Ventilate application area.

Contents: <5% non-ionic surfactants; acids; auxilliary


Labelling according to EU Regulations 1999/45/EG:

Symbol Xn, harmful.

Harmful by inhalation and if swallowed. Irritating to

eyes and skin. Keep out of the reach of children.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with

plenty of water and seek medical advice.

If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately

and show this container or label.

ADR2003: not a dangerous good


a) 1 litre bottle with child-proof

Sold and dispatched by Wide Range Tiles est 1981


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Lithofin Resin-Ex 1L removes epoxy grout, oil, graffiti

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