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Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner for Stone,Path,Fence,Terrace,Brick,Wall,Stair,Roof

1L or 5L

Removes stubborn green and dark layers of dirt, as well as plant stains caused by trees or flowers, from flagstones, paviers, walls, paths etc. All natural and cast concrete surfaces become clean and bright. Voted 'Best Buy'

DescriptionA special product from the LITHOFIN-Range for marble,natural and artificial stone (MN). Highly active cleanerbased on chlorine compounds and special additives.PropertiesLithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner works fast and thoroughly,without attacking the substrate. The product removesstubborn green and dark deposits caused by plantsand leaves.Technical Data:Density: approx. 1.1 g/cm³pH-Value: approx. 13Appearance: liquid, clear, yellowishOdour: pungentFlash Point: n.a.Solubility in Water: completeField of UseFor thoroughly cleaning outside surfaces made ofnatural and concrete stone, such as stairs, walk ways,walls, etc. Also suitable for removing dark mouldstains from silicone joints.Directions for UseUse a garden sprayer to apply Lithofin MN OutdoorCleaner generously in undiluted form. Allow theproduct to work for 2 to 10 hours depending on thestubbornness of the dirt deposits. Brush the surfaceand rinse with clear water. In very stubborn cases,repeat this procedure.Please Note: test the product's suitability in aninconspicuous area prior to use. Shield treated surfacesfrom rain for approx. 4 hours. Protect plants, textiles,metals, wood, etc. Product will damage these surfaces.Application Temperature: 10 to 25°C. Do not use onwarm surfaces.Coverage: approx. 5 to 15m² per litre

Hint: after several days, treat the surface with LithofinALGEX and repeat this treatment on a yearly basis.The preventive effect of Lithofin ALGEX will help tokeep outdoor


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Lithofin Outdoor Cleaner for Stone,Path,Fence,Terrace,Brick,Wall,Stair,Roof 1 L or 5L

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