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Lithofin MN Power Clean 500ml stone, tile, terracotta, cleaner

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Lithofin MN Power Clean 500ml for natural and artificial stone, terracotta


A special product from the LITHOFIN-Range for

marble, natural and engineered stone (MN). Lithofin

MN Power-Clean is a mildly alkaline product, which

contains a balanced mixture of cleaning components

which guarantee optimal performance.

Technical Data:

Density: approx. 1,0 g/cm³

Appearance: liquid, colourless, clear

Odour: pleasant

pH-Value: approx. 10

Flash Point: n.a.

Solubility in Water: complete


This special cleaner is nearly odourless and highly

economic. Lithofin MN Power-Clean removes grease

and oil, all kinds of general and ingrained dirt as well

as floor polish residues, old acrylic emulsions, care

products, etc.

Field of Use

For thoroughly cleaning used or exceptionally dirty

natural stone surfaces and for initially cleaning newly

laid surfaces. Suitable for use on polished, finely

honed and rough marble and other natural stones.

Facilitates removing cement residues from polished

marble. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Directions for Use

Apply and evenly distribute Lithofin MN Power-Clean

as supplied or diluted up to 1:5 depending on the

nature of the dirt. Allow the product to work for 10 to

20 minutes; brush occasionally. Do not allow to dry,

add water if necessary. Brush again before wiping up.

On large areas, use a squeegee to remove the

product. Wash the surface thoroughly with clean

water. If the result is not satisfying, repeat allowing the

product to work longer and brushing more vigorously.

Please Note: avoid splashes on sensitive areas such

as metal or wood, painted or varnished surfaces, wall

paper, etc. We highly recommend trying the product in

an inconspicuous area prior to use.


as supplied: approx. 5 to 10m² depending on dirt

diluted: up to 30m²

Advice: for removing wax layers and the like, we

recommend Lithofin WAX-OFF. For cement residues

and rust discolourations on granite and gneiss, use

Lithofin MN Builder’s Clean.


Keep closed, cool and dry. Not above 25°C.

Shelf life of up to three years.

Environmental Protection

Surfactants are biologically degradeable in

accordance with EU-regulations. Free of phosphates.

Disposal: diluted product may be added to waste

water. Containers are made of environmentally

friendly polyethylene (PE). Clean containers can be

recycled through collection systems.


Contents: non-ionic surfactant; solubilizer; auxilliary


Risk and Safety Phrases: irritating to eyes. Keep out

of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes,

rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek

medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical advice

immediately and show container or label.

First Aid Procedures: in case of inhalation ensure

fresh air. In case of contact with skin wash off

immediately with soap and water. In case of contact

with eyes rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and

seek medical advice. Do not induce vomitting. If

swallowed by mistake drink plenty of water and seek

medical treatment.

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