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Lithofin KF Tile Restorer 1L Ceramic/Quarry Cleaner

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Lithofin KF Tile Restorer 1Litre Unglazed Ceramic and Quarry Cleaner


A special product from the LITHOFIN-Range designedfor ceramic tiles (KF). Lithofin KF Tile Restorer is analkaline, solvent-free, cleaning concentrate with awell-balanced combination of cleaning componentsand special fat and dirt dissolving additives


Lithofin KF Tile Restorer dissolves and removesingrained dirt, obstinate general stains, oil and fatfilms, rubber and shoe marks, polymer and waxlayers, self-gloss emulsions, etc.Technical Data:Density: approx. 1.1 g/cm³pH-Value: >12Appearance: liquid, yellowishOdour: pleasantFlash Point: >65°CSolubility in Water: complete

Field of Use

Lithofin KF Tile Restorer is used for all surfaces ofcoloured Victorian Tiles and all glazed or unglazedceramic tiles. It has proved successful for removingheavy dirt and maintenance of ceramic surfacessubject to severe stress.

Directions for Use

Lithofin KF Tile Restorer is applied either neat ordiluted in water up to 1:10, depending on degreeof soiling. Spread with a brush or pad, and leave it towork for about 10 to 20 minutes, and scrub ifnecessary. Do not let the solution start to dry.Then mop up with clean, clear water to removeproduct and rinse again.Please Note: do not use on polished marble and othersurfaces sensitive to alkali. Always try the product inan inconspicuous area prior to use.Hint: we recommend Lithofin EASY-CARE for dailymaintenance.Coverage:as supplied: approx. 10 to 15m² depending on dirtdiluted: approx. 50 to 100m²


Closed and cool, frost free. Shelf life of up to 3 years.

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